Club Championship

The club championship for 2015 is being resurrected!

Julie Lees has agreed to administer it - Thanks Ju!!

Members will be approached soon to get some ideas as to what races to include - see below for typical examples.

It will run from April 2015 until December 2015 and will comprise of  14 events, of which best 8 will count, but 4 must be road and 4 must be off road in order for you to be eligible to win the Championship.

Clink on the links below for the results and the current standings after each race.

Date Event Distance Terrain Results & Current Standings


Kymin Dash 7.1 Mile (approx) Multi-Terrain  


Sorbrook Challenge 10km Road  


Sirhowy Challenge 10 Mile (approx) Multi-Terrain  


Rose Inn 4 Mile Road  


Coity 5.7 Mile (approx) Fell  


Tintern Trot 6 Mile (approx) Multi-Terrain  


Mic Morris 10K

10km Road  


Brecon 10 10 Mile Road  


Leisure League (Monmouth) 6.1 Mile (approx) Road  


St Arvans MT10 10 Mile (approx) Multi-Terrain  


Cardiff Half Marathon 13.1 Mile Road  


1 Mile Track Race 1 Mile Track  


Leisure League Cross Country (Pontypool) ?? Cross Country  


Tony Jennings Memorial Run 5 Mile (approx) Fell  


Open Championship

The first Fairwater runner home receives 50 points, the second recieves 49, the third receives 48 all the way down to the last runner home.  The best 8 scores are then totalled up meaning that time is irrelevant.


Age Graded Championship

The scoring will be based on a pro-rata scheme where :

  • A maximum of 10 points is available for each race.
  • The calculation in determining the points awarded uses the Race Predictor from the web site ''. This gives a percentage age rating based on age, sex, distance run and time obtained.

The points awarded are calculated as follows :

  • Points = (% Age Rating) ÷ Max Points
  • e.g. 65.8% Age Rating ÷ 10 = 6.58 points

Club Championship Results

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