The Crows Swoop for a Sparrow

15th August 2013

Fairwater Runners Cwmbran are delighted to unveil their newest signing.  Chris "The Sparrow" White has long been a target for the Cwmbran Stadium based club, but despite their overtures in the past White had remained apprehensive.  However, in recent weeks closed discussions between White, his advisors and Fairwater have been productive giving rise to todays news.  Whilst White, a former international steeple chaser and track based athlete, has become available under the 'Bosman' style ruling he was keen to stress how he looked forward to a new challenge at the club and that he was sure that with the developments that Fairwater have shown in recent seasons he was sure that the club and himself could work in partnership to be mutually beneficial.  White hopes to be on hand to support the club's progress and development in shorter road races and relays but making use of the recent success and improvement at the club to return him to past triumphs on the tartan surface.

Fairwater hope that the capture of White underlines their continued determination to grow, improve and open up different avenues for success. it is believed that he [White] will become available in the new season, when some fitness concerns have been resolved.