I remember St Fagans

14th February 2013


I remember the day. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember the day because we owned it. I remember the fight. I remember the fighters. I remember my friends. I remember.


I remember each step. I remember every breath. I remember every heartbeat. I remember the field and patch of ground which we made forever ours. I remember a clan of Fairwaterians stepping forth to bang their chest and declare to all…“today and always we will give!”…and we gave.  Like the warriors of old we fought and watched the blood of our enemies spill loose on battlegrounds of St Fagans. I remember that when the smoke cleared eight Fairwater souls standing proud and mighty. I remember the day when the finish line was just the start. I remember.


Saturday is that day again.  We can remember, we can celebrate, we can reminisce. But come that day we need to be brothers in arms once more, transmogrify into deities and join the pantheon of legends. We can look over our shoulders at the past and remember. We can bask in yesterday’s sunshine because it was warm, or we can step forward and forge a new fiery sun to burn away even tomorrow’s shadows. Let us forge a sun so bright that we cannot be ignored, let us burn so brightly that we leave scorch marks upon the world that will bare our sweat.


What we leave behind will not be the medals and jewels that adorn our sweating aching limbs, but the memories and the echos of the days that brought us glory. We can be forever interned into the folklore of our native lands and future generation can set themselves down on the foundations that we lay and we can become the very DNA of their absolution.


Today is the day we fight. Today is the day they die.