Venue for the 5th and final race of the GLCL 2015 Road Race Series hosted by Chepstow Harriers on Tues. 18th August has changed.
The new venue is Undy Athletic Football Club, The Causeway, Magor, NP26 3EW.
The course is expected to be very similar to The Magor Marsh 10k.
For latest information of GLCL races, see GLCL facebook page :

Endurance Official Training and Risk Awareness

From: John Chidlow
Sent: ‎Friday‎, ‎19‎ ‎June‎ ‎2015 ‎20‎:‎42


The Welsh Athletics web site has advertised two training courses for Endurance officials for several weeks with a Level 2 Endurance Officials Course at Cwmbran on June 29th Monday Evening and a Risk Awareness Course at Cwmbran on Monday Evening July 6th.


AGM minutes

AGM minutes are now available when you login on the meeting minutes page. If you need a log-in please speak to Roger

committee meeting

Hi to all committee members can we go ahead with this weeks meeting please. I have Jeanette’s proposed agenda but will need someone to take notes. Can we tailor our runs to start the meeting for 8.15 sharp as there is a lot to go through. Many thanks Garry

Volunteers to set routes for training nights.

Hi Folks who wants to volunteer to set out running routes for a month? It is really important that new people get involved with the running club and a new runner can bring variety with new routes which avoids boredom. If you can propose routes with cut off points then this is really helpful as it allows for individuals to do the distance suitable for them. Have a look at the January calendar to see what information has been. You can choose your month there are still 10 left to choose from for this year. If you do not know how to add the detail we can assist with this.


I'd like to wish a warm welcome to our new members who have recently asked for access to the website.
When you log in you will see a new menu appear on the left hand side. 
Under this menu, you should go to "Website Help" where you will find powerpoint presentations giving instructions on how you can add content to the website.
Remember this is YOUR site, and only with your participation will the website grow and become a useful resource.
Please check before you add an EVENT that it hasnt already been entered by checking the dates on the calendar first.


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