Anyone good at web sites?

Below you will see the results of the last handicap. You may even be able to make senswe of them! I input them as a table, using the table feature in the web site add content page. It looked great in the editor, yet when I saved it was completely cocked up (technical term). If anyone fancies having a go at editing it I'd be grateful, and if you can show me how to do so even more grateful.
I'm aware that I could have attached a word or excel file, but wanted to keep it here as the rest of this season's results are already here.

Handicap Results 2015-16

Fairwater Runners Handicap Results 28/01/2016
Finish Position Name Start Time Finish Time Run Time Run Position
1 Julie Lees 5:30 50:07 44:37 7+
2 Stella Symons 5:30 50:07 44:37 7=
3 Andrew James 9:00 50:16 41:36 6
4 Jeanette Jenkins 14:30 51:52 37:22 2
5 Heather - 51:58 51:58 9
6 Darran Wavering 12:40 52:14 39:44 5
7 Martyn Jenkins 15:00 53:00 38:00 3=
8 Adrian Gwilliam 15:00 53:00 38:00 3=
9 Richard Bowie 17:30 54:34 36:04 1
10 Jessica Kent - 56:08 56:08 10
11 Gary Adams Got Lost DNF

Handicap time trial results 20 October 2015

Time trial results from 20 October 2015
26:35 -Garry Adams 1st
27:12- Mike Skyrme
28:17- Peter Jones
28:18 - Rob Symons
29:03 - Richard Bowie
29:24 - Becky Poole
29:53 - Sian Hobbs
30:28 – Martyn Jenkins
30:41 – Rob Lewis
30:55 - Liz Walsh
31:14 – Bev Bradbury Jones
31:30 - Adrian Gwillium
34:21 - Jane Lewis
34:23 – Hannah King
35:08 – Victoria Reynolds
35:51 – Stella Symons
Well done all excellent results.

Excellent Weekend for Fairwater Runners Cwmbran.

Well what a weekend. Pontypool 100th Park run saw Martyn and Ziggy in the core team as usual undertaking their duties and accommpanied by Mike Williams. We had a fab turnout to run for Fairwater with Rob John, Angela Jones, Roger Mills, Rebecca Poole, Garry Woods and JJ all getting PB's, poor old Tim Murphy failed to get a PB but matched his PB time. In adition we saw Mike Skyrme, Natalie and Owen Skyrme who have become regular attenders, Julie Roche, Gwill, Iain Gordon our Scottish visitor, and Jessica Kent all running well and enjoying themselves.

Training night 24.9.2015 Reverse Llandegfedd Resevoir trail.

Well what a night. Reverse of Llandegfedd, started at 6.50 with Gary A, Steve, Gwil's, Jenkins's, Roger, Becky P. In no time at all Gary's batteries go! so he is in the dark- not that is anything new, Becky has an attempt at a heart attack saved by JJ making her stamp her feet- it worked and the palpatations subsided. JJ got cramp when trying to hitch her leg up and climb a fence as the warden had locked the gates so Steve and Gary try to assist which just made J giggle haha....


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