Does the club want to put on the Bog & Bryn race in 2017 (see member pages for more details)

Bog & Bryn same as 2016
21% (3 votes)
Bog & Bryn 2017 in a different format
71% (10 votes)
Bog & Bryn cancelled in 2017
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 14


Bog and bryn

It would be a shame to loose the race totally from the calendar but the with the health and safety aspect, difficulties with organising and gaining commitment from so many volunteers to cover the distance as well as the fact it seems to fall to the same few individuals year after year to cut back, mark and recover signage I personally feel we have no option but to change the format or cancel altogether unless new people are prepared to put themselves out to support the clubs income.

Unfortunate but honest.

Maybe have a shorter race incorporating the local mountain as a fell race instead?

Bog and Bryn

I would love to see this race continue and don't mind
spending the day helping out.It is difficult for me to comit
To the meetings as I am never sure what time I will get away from work.
Maybe for next year the race could be planned as an off road 10k and less marshalls would be needed.
Both myself and Rob  an help marking the course and taking down the signage.

Bog & Bryn

I'd be up for trying to make it shorter, maybe 10k - will attract more runners, be easier to marshal and mark out.

Bog & Bryn vote -

As a non running member I judge this difficult to select, I would definately like to see the event continue but in regard to in what form, unless the optional formats for the event are explained it's not possible to make a judgement.

see discussion page

Hya Mike - thank you for the comments. If you have a look at the Bog & Bryn discussion page in the menu on the left, there is a bit more of an explanation there. However this is going to be an open and ongoing discussion. We didn't want to say too much at the beginning but would rather hear opinions from a wide range of members before coming to any decisions.

As a new member I don't know

As a new member I don't know how much work is involved but I'm happy to help out on the day and beforehand if available but struggle with the planning meetings due to other weekday commitments. Having marshalled this year it looked a great event and it would be a shame to lose it so if a change of format ensures its survival then maybe that's worth trying.

Change might be necessary, but regrettable!

The mighty Bog and Bryn!  I heard of this before I joined our prestigious club and along with our Rack Raid, was one I would have liked to have had a go at (Blasted injuries)! Last year I was unable Recce, mark or cut back the route!  But alas, I would only have been one extra pair of hands on something that requires a lot more!  So regrettably change might be necessary, but it will not be the famous Bog and Bryn that everyone knows anymore! :(