South Wales 100

South Wales 100Race Report

It’s eleven o’clock at night, and I’ve been on the go for 28 hours, but it being just past mid-summers day it’s still surprisingly light. I pause to admire an owl hovering over the next field, its flat face silhouetted in the dusk (or possibly moonlight) and marvel in the rarity of such an occurrence. Where else other than an overnight ultra race (or two nights in this case) would you ever see such a thing?

Training night 24.9.2015 Reverse Llandegfedd Resevoir trail.

Well what a night. Reverse of Llandegfedd, started at 6.50 with Gary A, Steve, Gwil's, Jenkins's, Roger, Becky P. In no time at all Gary's batteries go! so he is in the dark- not that is anything new, Becky has an attempt at a heart attack saved by JJ making her stamp her feet- it worked and the palpatations subsided. JJ got cramp when trying to hitch her leg up and climb a fence as the warden had locked the gates so Steve and Gary try to assist which just made J giggle haha....


Lone Crow at St.Arvans MT10.
Well I was the only “crow” at the 2012 St.Arvans MT10 today.
A very enjoyable multi terrain 10 miler run in the pleasant countryside between Chepstow & Tintern.
The route was mostly on country lanes and forest tracks, a mixture of tarmac and compact stone paths.
Ground was firm and dry, so road shoes definitely the right choice.
Course was undulating with mostly gentle inclines that were not too long.

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